White Teeth 101

Dr. Lori Lahti at Dentistry on the Bay in Parry Sound invites you to discover how white teeth can transform your smile. Conveniently located at 61 Bowes Street, Dr. Lahti’s dental practice offers the latest tooth whitening techniques. If your teeth are less than flawless, perhaps it’s time for a free consultation to discuss your options.

Stained, grey or yellow teeth? Coffee, wine, smoking and colourful foods will eventually leave their mark on your teeth. If you find that you’re not smiling often, whiter teeth will give you a boost of confidence. Discoloured teeth send the wrong signals to people you’d like to impress. Make the most of job interviews, networking functions and social events by showing off a healthy, dazzling smile.

White teeth are always in style. Whatever your age, white teeth will make you look younger and more attractive. There are several effective tooth whitening choices exclusively offered through a dental office. Your dentist can offer safe, concentrated whitening methods that aren’t available elsewhere. If you’ve been disappointed by retail whitening products, don’t despair. A dentist’s professional treatments will deliver great results.

You may be surprised to learn how quickly your teeth can go from dull to a bright shade of white. Tooth whitening is not a long, difficult process. You can opt for gel trays that work over several nights, or laser whitening, which is a fast in-office treatment. You’ll be amazed at how white your teeth can become in less than an hour. Even sensitive teeth can be easily whitened with your dentist’s or dental hygienist’s light-activated tool.

Dr. Lori Lahti welcomes new patients of all ages. In addition to teeth whitening, their office offers routine cleanings, Invisalign®, crowns and veneers, dentures and implants. Visit their office to discuss how healthy, white teeth can enhance your life.

Call Dr. Lahti at 705-746-2772 for an appointment, or email info@dentistryonthebay.ca. The office is open Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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